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  • gio 9:59 pm on August 17, 2015 Permalink
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    Git and coding: tip and tricks 

    • Socks Proxy: To access our GitLab website from IPs outside the Internet Archive’s network you need a socks proxy. To do so you can:
      • You can open a sock proxy with:
        ssh -N -D <port> username@archive.org

        and configure manually your browser or your network to use the socks proxy.

      • if you are using OSX you can use this script to make the socks proxy setup easier.
    • Sublime Text: if you are using sublime text to develop your code, you will appreciate this how-to use sublime text over ssh.
    • Memory problem: if running git push you have this error: fatal: Out of memory, calloc failed, you can configure git to use only one thread for “packing”:
      git config --global pack.threads 1

      another “solution” is to remove the limit:

      ulimit -v unlimited
    • Git prompt:
      • If you’re a Bash user, you can tap into some of your shell’s features to make your experience with Git a lot friendlier. Git actually ships with plugins for several shells, but it’s not turned on by default. Take a look to: Git prompt [2].
      • If you’re using zsh, and also make use of oh-my-zsh, many themes include git in the prompt. It is recommended that you set git config –local oh-my-zsh.hide-dirty 1 within the petabox repo to prevent a slow prompt.
    • How to rename the author info for all the commits in a repo:
      • for a single commit:
        git commit --amend --author "New Author Name <email@address.com>"
      • for all the commits in a repo:
        git filter-branch --commit-filter 'if [ "$GIT_AUTHOR_NAME" = "Josh Lee" ];
          then export GIT_AUTHOR_NAME="Hobo Bob"; export GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL=hobo@example.com;
        fi; git commit-tree "$@"'
    • kelsey 2:58 am on August 18, 2015 Permalink

      Here is some info I found the hard way on Mac & case-sensitive git repos http://kelsey.blog.archive.org/2015/08/18/mac-case-sensitive-git-repos/

    • pooh 5:34 am on August 18, 2015 Permalink

      i have a script in ~tracey/scripts/post-commit that one can copy to petabox/.git/hooks/ to make the “update the $Id….$ thing in the file” (mostly useful for deriver hackers now, etc.)

      traceypooh [3:25 PM]
      (it re-checks out file after commit, so your version now has the $Id….$ string updated in the file you just committed)

    • pooh 5:34 am on August 18, 2015 Permalink

      [petabox tree file last mod times]
      ~tracey/scripts/post-checkout is nice to add in petabox/.git/hooks/ when one first clones a tree (technically, clone the tree, then add this hook, then checkout a file — it will take a *long* time to run, then remove the hook). this will make all files have modtime of their last commit (which can be v. helpful to determine quick age/modtimes of files at a “ls” glance) for those who like that kind of thing

    • kelsey 10:31 pm on September 25, 2015 Permalink

      That pesky error that we ran into before

      % git clone git@git.archive.org:ia/petabox.git -v
      Cloning into 'petabox'...
      fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: No s

      Most likely means that the user is trying to clone a repo that they don’t have access to. Add the user to the project members, and you’re good to go

  • gio 6:29 pm on March 26, 2015 Permalink
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    Petabox: git-svn quick how-to 

    How to commit:

    • rebase: git svn rebase
    • edit files vim foo.ff
    • git add foo.ff
    • git commit -m 'note about the commit'
    • git svn rebase
    • if the rebase fails because of memory problems: ulimit -v unlimited and rebase again
    • dry commit git svn dcommit --dry-run
    • check the patch git diff-tree ea56092a94b7b0266cdfbb08f69245d7761bba09~1 ea56092a94b7b0266cdfbb08f69245d7761bba09 -p
    • git svn dcommit
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