OL: deploying the code

To deploy the OL code:

rkumar@ol-www1:~$ sudo -s
root@ol-www1:/home/rkumar$ su openlibrary
openlibrary@ol-www1:/home/rkumar$ . /opt/openlibrary/venv/bin/activate 
(venv)openlibrary@ol-www1:/home/rkumar$ pip install fabric
(venv)openlibrary@ol-www1:/home/rkumar$ /olsystem/bin/deploy-code openlibrary

It is possible that may not work as fabric that we use is very old verison (cit. anand).

Try it from ol-home.

Fix it using:

sudo -u openlibrary rsync -av rsync://ol-home/opt/openlibrary/venv /opt/openlibrary/


/olsystem/bin/olenv pip install -U fab==1.1.2